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Empowering Teens to Take Action and make a Reaction

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Take Action Volunteer is a dynamic and impactful registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization in the state of Texas that operates with the sole purpose of fostering meaningful connections between students through volunteer opportunities. Founded by students for students, our organization is driven by the belief that community engagement and collaboration are essential components of a well-rounded education.

Uplifted Youth

“The power of the future lies within the youth; our passion, resilience, and boundless potential are the driving forces that shape a brighter tomorrow.”

— Alan Koroluk, Founder of TAV

Interested in volunteering? Explore TAV's volunteer events and resources.


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TAV offers an extensive array of valuable resources catering to scholarships, homework assistance, and job opportunities

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Are you a business or organization that needs volunteers? We can help!

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